Workplace Management

managing multiple generations

Managing Different Generations in the Workplace

Managing Multiple Generations Droste Group facilitated a group of HR Senior Executives to discuss best practices in managing different generations in the workplace. The emergence of the ‘Millennial Generation’ (18 to 29 years of age) has certainly caused many companies to rethink hiring processes as Millennials’ values and skill sets are perceived to be vastly different …

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aging workforce

The Aging Workforce

Best Practices to Avoid Brain Drain, Leverage Experienced Talent, and Transition to Retirement The purpose of this session was to discuss experiences, trends and best practices with the aging workforce. Overview Before beginning the discussion, because of the topic, the group shared the average ages in their workforces. The average employee age ranged from below …

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The Truth About Workplace Chemistry

Forget Workplace “Chemistry” Why Workplace Chemistry May Be Detrimental, Combustible…or Even Highly Toxic. Readers who know us well also know that we sometimes like to take slightly controversial positions that challenge conventional thinking about leadership.  This article will explode (pun intended) a myth about workplace “chemistry” as a prerequisite of high performing teams. The inspiration …

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