Course Description

An increasingly complex and global workplace demands a more sophisticated approach to collaboration in order to achieve success.  As organizations look to move from traditional structures to new delivery models, from fixed mindsets to a focus on growth and possibility, and from variability to consistency, the ability to collaborate between individuals, teams, and functions is critical. This program explores collaboration in an environment where goals, resources, and responsibilities may align or compete. Our proprietary model presents collaboration as a process, noting how it differs from cooperation and consensus and emphasizing the necessary skills. Participants will have an opportunity to practice new skills using business scenarios and plan for application when they return to the workplace.


  • Define and explore the shifts required for collaboration and partnership in the modern workplace
  • Practice collaborating using real business scenarios
  • Create collaborative solutions for real business issues


  • Defined steps that simplify the collaboration process are practical and applicable
  • Opportunity to practice collaboration in a business scenario reinforces learning