Course Description

Unlocking Innovative Thinking teaches participants how to understand our innate innovative thinking process and utilize tools and techniques for innovative problem solving. Participants will define innovative thinking and gain an understanding of the physiology of the brain and the basic function of innovative/creative thinking. They will also discover the mental locks to innovation. A problem-solving model is then introduced to help learners overcome the mental locks they identify. Participants will then take the C.A.R.E. profile and learn what role they play best in the innovative problem-solving process. This course will focus on identifying problems proactively, correctly stating identified problems, identifying causes and innovative solutions, and action planning.


  • Define innovative thinking
  • Develop a mindset to approach problems in an unconventional way
  • Identify common mental locks in the innovation process
  • Identify strategies to overcome common mental locks to innovation
  • Utilize a four-step innovation model to resolve an actual issue or situation
  • Recognize individual roles in the creative process
  • Use those individual roles to work as a team and solve a problem
  • Practice using creative tools for personal and organizational innovation


  • Self-awareness of the role played in the innovative problem-solving process
  • A better understanding of the innovative thought process
  • A four-step problem-solving model to overcome mental locks