Leadership Content Design


Assist in the creation of customized leadership training modules or provide existing Droste content with integrated participant materials, instructor guides, slides, handouts, and job aids. Using world-class Instructional design professionals, solutions may include creating a new program, building upon existing development work, or licensing our content for internal use. Our expert, practical and engaging facilitators can lead the delivery or provide train-the-trainer sessions.

Competency Focus Area

We have identified six key competencies in which leaders need to be proficient to ensure success in their roles. Analyzing the needs of your workforce through the framework of these competency areas can help you select and design the right content areas for your target learners. All of our services are designed to be incorporated into an established process or can be implemented as stand-alone courses.

competency focus area 0competency focus area 1



  • Research the needs of the organization
  • Determine how to make content systemic with other development initiatives
  • Create a design document considering objectives, timeline, roles, and target audience
  • Identify and engage stakeholders


  • Select existing Droste courses or develop customized content
  • Conduct review meetings
  • Finalize materials with stakeholders


  • Facilitator becomes familiar with content, plans and delivers pilot session(s)
  • Make content changes based on pilot feedback
  • Present final changes to stakeholder(s) for approval


  • Droste facilitator delivers finalized content or provides train-the-trainer session
  • Conduct post development measurement
  • Create process of continuous monitoring and development
  • Modify content and adapt to new challenges

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