Leadership Training Modules

leadership training modules


Droste is known for our highly facilitative approach to training; we leverage poignant learning moments to maximize the learner’s experience. Through our experience working with leaders, we developed our leadership training modules that focus on areas that create the largest impact on business success.

Leadership Competency Focus Areas

Droste has mapped each of our leadership training modules to one or more of six competency focus areas. Droste understands that leaders need to be proficient in all six of these competencies to ensure success in their roles. Analyzing the needs of your workforce through the framework of these competency areas will help you navigate this course catalog and select the right content for your learners.

Course Descriptions

These descriptions contain course overviews and objectives, outline the benefits to taking the course, identify assessments taken (if applicable), provide video information and indicate course length.

Each course supports one or more of our six leadership competencies: Self-Aware, Relating, Thinking, Working, Leading, Teaming

Included in our leadership training course descriptions are tables indicating which competencies are supported. To determine which course will be most beneficial for your organization, complete our Competency Diagnostic Tool, which will ask you 29 yes or no questions about a specific group of people or an individual.

Leadership Training Modules