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Known for our highly facilitative approach to training; we leverage poignant learning moments to maximize the learner’s experience. Through our experience working with leaders, we developed our leadership training modules that focus on areas that create the largest impact on business success.

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Global Training Capabilities

Our team consists of coaches and facilitators across the globe to provide global leadership programs facilitated by local experts who understand the local culture in over 23 countries.  Our global reach currently extends to the following countries:

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Leadership Competency Focus Areas

We have mapped each of our leadership training courses to one or more of six competency focus areas. We understand that leaders need to be proficient in all six of these competencies to ensure success in their roles. Analyzing the needs of your workforce through the framework of these competency areas will help you navigate this course catalog and select the right content for your learners.

Leadership Training Course Catalog

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Accountability at Work

A key element of performance management involves holding employees accountable for results. Effective leaders expect accountability in all aspects of employee performance, from day-to-day actions and decisions to the achievement of long-term goals. In this course, participants will examine their current attitudes toward and approaches to accountability, beginning with their ability to model it. They will also explore the dynamics of accountability and learn the behaviors and practices that set the foundation for a culture of accountability on a team or in an organization.


Building Effective Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

The quality of a leader’s relationships with direct reports, colleagues, and customers is directly tied to success. This course explores how understanding emotional intelligence can help build professional relationships that are positive, productive, and effective. Emotional intelligence is made up of two main skills: personal competence, which is [...]


Change Management

The ability to change is key to survival. Change is in every new project, every new customer, and every improvement in products or services. This course teaches the skills that individuals need to navigate and lead others through times of change. Participants will take the Change Style Indicator [...]


The Coaching Intensive

Droste’s Coaching Intensive presents a comprehensive, integrated approach to preparing leaders for success as internal coaches in their organizations. By combining a six-part workshop series with self-assessments, individual coaching sessions, self-study and reflection, and coaching practice, this program provides critical knowledge, insights, and skills that align with the [...]


Collaborating for Organizational Impact

An increasingly complex and global workplace demands a more sophisticated approach to collaboration in order to achieve success.  As organizations look to move from traditional structures to new delivery models, from fixed mindsets to a focus on growth and possibility, and from variability to consistency, the ability to [...]


Conflict Management

Every person faces conflict at work. When left unmanaged, conflict creates undue stress on the individual and a loss of productivity in the organization. What makes conflict negative or positive is the way in which it is handled. This course describes five styles of conflict and how to [...]


Courageous Leadership

Today’s complex business challenges frequently require leaders to act with courage. This program helps participants define and understand the importance of courage in a leadership context. Participants will explore the factors that enable or limit a leader’s ability to demonstrate courage in general and in the culture of [...]


Critical Thinking

Leadership surveys across a range of industries and disciplines consistently identify the ability to think critically as essential to success. Critical thinking underpins a range of responsibilities and actions that leaders take on every day, such as decision making, problem solving, strategic planning, innovating, and managing risk. As [...]


Decision Making and Problem Solving

This program teaches a systematic approach to making decisions and solving problems in the workplace. Participants will consider the qualities and tendencies of effective decision makers and problem solvers, both according to research and based on their own personal experience. Participants will also examine various decision styles and [...]


Delegation and Accountability

The ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees and hold them accountable for results is central to any leadership role. In both the classroom-based and virtual versions of this program, participants will examine practical, thoughtful approaches that promote effectiveness in both of these elements of managing performance. [...]


Emotional Intelligence

Although the range of competencies that define an effective leader is broad and varied, at the core is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage your feelings and respond to the feelings and behaviors of others. This course explores how the elements of emotional [...]


Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict teaches participants about their personal conflict management styles so that they can approach conflict situations in a productive way. Participants increase their self-awareness regarding productive and destructive conflict behaviors and learn how to effectively respond to conflict in the workplace. Droste’s full-day Productive Conflict [...]


Exercising Influence

The ability to influence others is an essential skill for both established and emerging leaders in the workplace. This program explores two primary influence orientations and five unique influencing styles that allow leaders to make connections, gain buy-in and support, promote ideas, maximize opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, [...]


The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

Through the use of activity, video review, and discussion, an intact team is led through the powerful Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ model, learning and practicing the behaviors that will make the team more cohesive and improve its performance. This workshop improves participants' abilities to apply the [...]


The Five Behaviors—Personal Development

This program focuses on making individuals better teammates using the team-development process described in Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book The Dysfunctions of a Team. Anchored in individual assessments based on the Everything DiSC model, The Five Behaviors—Personal Development helps individuals better understand and internalize the principles of The Five [...]


Inclusion in the Workplace

Inclusion has become a priority for many organizations, for good reason: companies that adopt inclusive practices outperform those who do not. Inclusion means actively involving every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles to maximize individual and business success. Droste’s Inclusion in the Workplace program allows participants to [...]


Leading Across Generations

In today’s workplace, it is common to find four generations represented in the employee population. This multigenerational environment presents both challenges and opportunities for managers as they work to keep all employees engaged, motivated, and performing at a high level. Leading Across Generations explores the behaviors, work habits, [...]


Leading in a Matrix

Leading in a matrix organization presents unique demands and challenges. Without effective leadership in this highly complex environment, the competition for resources and a lack of role clarity can jeopardize accountability and trust. Success in a matrix requires particular attention to certain key skills, including collaboration, decision making, [...]


Leading Teams

Droste’s Leading Teams program presents a foundation for success upon which a leader can develop a personal leadership style. Based on the powerful Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ model, this course will position leaders to focus on and foster the behaviors that will make the team more [...]


Making Better Decisions

The health and success of any organization depends on the ability of its leaders and managers to make sound, impactful, confident decisions. This program supports this critical skill by presenting a system to guide the decision-making process. Participants get a view of their current skills and preferences through [...]


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Team Building

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) is a nonjudgmental instrument that helps individuals and teams to understand themselves and others in a way that is value-oriented versus evaluative. MBTI provides an indication of preferences. The preferences refer to gathering energy or processing thoughts; being detail-oriented versus big-picture-focused in gathering [...]


Performance Management

In this full-day course, participants will learn what effective performance management looks like in the modern workplace and why it’s necessary for setting their employees up for success. Using Droste’s SOAP model, participants will take a deep dive into the four steps in executing an impactful performance-management process. [...]


Time Mastery

This program teaches skills and strategies for efficiently managing time and organizing work. Strategies learned to include planning, note-taking, prioritizing, scheduling, responding when the day doesn’t go as planned, organizing the desk, and handling paper documents and e-mail messages. The Time Mastery Profile® completed during the workshop will [...]


Trust-Based Leadership

Trust-Based Leadership is a comprehensive, one-day workshop designed for frontline and middle managers in leadership positions. This program was created by one of the most influential writers and researchers on trust, Charlie Green. Charlie has written three best-selling books about trust, including Trust-Based Selling and The Trusted Advisor. [...]