Accountability establishes individual and team commitment to implement actions that align with the values, competencies, and strategy of the organization. This course teaches the skills and attitude that are necessary for creating an accountable organization. Participants will learn the language of being a victim or being accountable, a three-step model for asking self-accountable questions, and a five-step model for creating accountability in others.


  • Define accountability, responsibility, and empowerment
  • Rate yourself and your team on the PowerMeter
  • Discuss the Account-Able Choice
  • Identify obstacles to being accountable
  • Apply a three-step model to ask self-accountability questions
  • Speak the language of empowerment and accountability
  • Apply a five-step model to create accountability in others
Accountability Services Competency Focus Area


  • Desired results based on actions taken toward accountability
  • Increased individual effectiveness by following a five-step model
  • Increased organizational effectiveness through increased individual effectiveness
  • Sustained organizational profitability or contributions through increased organizational effectiveness


Accountability assessment (in the participant guide)


Accountability That Works!

Length of class

 4 hours

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