Change Management Training Course

Managing Change

Our change management training is a full day course that builds on the foundation course, Navigating Change. In this course, not only do participants learn how to navigate change, but they will also learn how to manage an organizational change. Effective change occurs through managing organization-wide processes and then operating at the one-on-one level. This course allows participants to explore what they can do to affect change organizationally and then look at what is required at an individual level to become a true change leader.


• Understand why people resist change
• Explore the stages people typically go through to truly adopt a change
• Gain insight into your own change style
• Learn techniques to gain commitment for change when leading a project
• Discuss tools useful in managing the people side of change

Benefits Change Management Training Course

• Self-awareness on change readiness
• A structured approach to communicate change
• Techniques for handling resistance to change
• Tools in managing the people side of change


Change Style Indicator®

Length of class

8 hours

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