Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Effectiveness in the Global Workplace: Culture to Culture

Leveraging the talents and expertise of two or more world cultures is challenging, but so rewarding. When we are aware of the values and attitudes that drive our culturally inherent behaviors, we are able to communicate, participate, delegate, and perform at an optimal level for the benefit of the corporation and for all. This full day workshop explores the elements of cultural conditioning which influence our social and professional lives.
This program contrasts and compares up to four cultures (e.g. US and Japan, Mexico, Germany) and discuss lessons learned and strategies for efficacy.
Cross-Cultural Training Program


• Examine perceptions and stereotypes and how they influence our connections
• Compare and contrast historical events which shape present day behavior
• Learn about the dilemma of saying “yes” and direct vs. indirect communication and conflict
• Identify shared values and compare belief systems and the relative importance of trust
• Discuss time orientation in regard to corporate deadlines and agendas
• Understand how learning style and thought process influence planning and collaboration
• Explore the importance of social interaction and expectation


• Greater understanding of one’s role in successful cultural interaction
• Tools for effective communication with the two cultures
• Awareness of how cultural differences impact all global work

Length of class

8 hours

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