Cultural Competency Training

Cultural Competence and Global Communication

As the world flattens and our multi-cultural workplaces expand, cultural competence is one of the most valuable business skills we can acquire. Achieving successful face-to- face and virtual communication across cultural lines is challenging, as language, non-verbals and overall style impact understanding and efficiency. This program identifies personal preferences for communicating and how this might differ in Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern and European cultures. Participants will be introduced to cultural variables in communication styles, will learn some keys for active listening, as well as some dos and don’ts for effective intercultural exchange.Cultural Competency Training Modules


• Define culture and its many elements
• Identify our preferred communication modes and styles
• Raise awareness of how one’s own cultural conditioning impacts communication
• Explore the importance of time and relationships in regard to the “Contexting” communication theory
• Learn appropriate skills for speaking and writing to (ESL) non-native speakers
• Discuss the culture-specific challenges that participants have faced and what new strategies might be applied in the future


• Techniques for “reading between the lines”
• An understanding of the general cultural assumptions and expectations of others
• Skills for bridging various communication styles
• The ability to communicate respect and empathy to global counterparts

Length of class

4 hours

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