Delegation and Empowerment Training

Delegation and Empowerment

Every leader faces the challenge of achieving results through others. Effective delegation can make the difference between a task done right and a task gone wrong. A leader’s greatest resistance to delegation is an internal dialogue that identifies many reasons why delegation is not the right action. Over the long run it is that resistance that can stop effective leadership growth. In this class, participants will identify their greatest resistors and learn tools to overcome them. Participants will learn how to delegate a task so that the results meet or exceed their expectations.


• Define delegation
• Break your personal barriers to delegation
• Decide the tasks to delegate and the tasks to keep
• Determine the right person to whom to delegate the task
• Plan and conduct a four-step delegation meeting
• Follow up on a delegated taskDelegation & Empowerment Training Program for Employees


• Identification of the reason you don’t delegate
• A structured four-step approach to delegating
• Techniques for effective follow-up


• Delegation Barriers (in the participant guide)
• Delegation Skill assessment (in the participant guide)

Length of Class

8 hours

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