Emotional Intelligence Training Module

Emotional Intelligence and Building Effective Relationships

Our Emotional Intelligence Training Module explores how understanding emotional intelligence can help you build effective relationships. Emotional intelligence is made up two main skills: Personal Competence and Social Competence. Personal Competence is knowing yourself, knowing what you’re feeling and managing those feelings effectively. Social Competence is how you behave with other people; being aware of how others are feeling and managing those relationships effectively. Mastering both competencies is key to building effective relationships. In our training module, participants will also explore how managing conflict will help them sustain those relationships.
Emotional Intelligence Training Module


• Be aware of personal styles
• Manage the emotions of self and others
• Build sustainable relationships
• Develop conflict management strategies


• Techniques to understand your feelings along with understanding others’
• Strategies to manage conflict


Emotional Intelligence Appraisal (Author: Travis Bradberry)

Length of class

8 hours

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