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Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Work of Leaders is an integrated four-part leadership program that focuses on building understanding, self-awareness, and skills to assist leaders in effectively leading a group or organization to achieve business outcomes. Focused on the fundamental work of leaders—the process of creating a Vision, building Alignment around that vision, and championing Execution of the vision—this program uses best practice research to teach the process most effective leaders follow. The program gives participants a fundamental language and clear framework for leading and supports behavioral change by teaching the skill sets required to increase business performance.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Building a Legacy of Leadership with Carhartt and the Work of Leaders®

Find out how we helped Carhartt establish a standard language of leadership at all levels of their organization with our Work of Leaders Training Program.

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Discover How Vision, Alignment, and Execution Will Change The Way You Lead

To get a sense of what The Work of Leaders has to offer, we invite you to read some excerpts from the book that this program was based on.

Chapter 1: Welcome to The Work of Leaders

This will give you an idea of how we approached our goal of creating a framework of leadership that is accessible and actionable for everyone, not just CEOs and executives. You’ll be introduced to the cornerstone principles of The Work of Leaders.


  • Learn about visioning, the drivers of visioning, and the best practices of visioning
  • Increase awareness about current visioning behaviors and practice the skills that are needed for visioning
  • Share and gain input from peers about visioning
  • Define Alignment, discuss drivers of Alignment, and share best practices
  • Identify current Alignment behaviors and practice skill-building activities to enhance your ability to Align
  • Provide insight and receive insight from peers with regard to Alignment
  • Define Execution, discuss drivers of Execution, and share best practices
  • Define the role of champion and related behaviors
  • Identify current Execution behaviors and practice skill-building activities to enhance your ability to Execute
  • Provide insight and receive insight from peers with regard to Execution


  • A crafted vision of new possibilities for the future through exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions
  • Proven method to communicate with clarity, engaging in dialogue and providing inspiration, so everyone is moving in the same direction
  • Champion execution through momentum, structure, and feedback to enable the group
    to capitalize on its talents while making the vision a reality


Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile

Research-validated, online assessment. 23-page leader-specific profile report provides detailed context-specific feedback based on the three-step Vision, Alignment, and Execution Model and the three drivers associated with each step. Strong visuals and illustrations, including 18 behavioral continua, delve deep into what steps leaders can take to increase the behaviors linked to the essential best practices of leadership.


Classroom-based: 4 days

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