Training Module

Positive Labor Relations

Our training course s designed to help managers understand basic labor relations concepts. Topics include the collective bargaining agreement, negotiations, and the grievance and arbitration procedure. Participants will also learn how to bridge the gap between HR and union employees by using effective listening skills, problem solving, investigation, and listening skills.

Labor Relations Training for HR


• Explain basic labor relations concepts
• Explain the four rules for administering the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
• Explain the CBA process
• Describe your role in preparing for and supporting CBA negotiations
• Explain the grievance and arbitration procedure in the CBA
• Use active listening skills to build relationships with shop floor, collective bargaining employees
• Problem solve employee issues by using a five-step problem solving process
• Determine if action taken in a dispute is legal and ethical
• Execute the labor relations process by utilizing effective communication, problem solving, investigation, and listening skills


• An understanding of the labor relations process
• Effective communication practices that can be executed with all employees
• Problem solving, listening, and investigation skills that can be used immediately to navigate the labor relations process


Active Listening assessment (in the participant guide)

Length of class

8 hours

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