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Leading Across Generations

In today’s workplace, it is common to find four generations represented in the employee population. This multi-generational environment presents both challenges and opportunities for managers as they work to keep all employees engaged, motivated, and performing at a high level. Leading Across Generations explores the behaviors, work habits, values, cultural expectations and other styles and preferences employees of all ages bring to their professions, affecting how they communicate, interact, and learn both as individuals and in teams. This program also shows managers how to move beyond stereotypes and labels to cultivate a dynamic of inclusiveness and respect for the strengths that workers from all generations bring to the organization.

Leading Across Generations


  • Explain the various generations found in the modern workplace
  • Discuss the historical and cultural touchstones that have shaped each generation and how those
    experiences shape workplace behavior
  • Understand the dangers of generalizations, assumptions and stereotypes
  • Discuss changes in priorities and sources of motivation throughout an individual’s career arc
  • Examine ways to leverage individual strengths and values as opportunities for the organization


  • Improved engagement of workers of all ages
  • Increased awareness and sensitivity to generational differences in the workforce
  • Enhance innovation, problem-solving and interpersonal relationships
  • Improved productivity
  • Supports workforce retention


Classroom-based: Full day

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