Training Module

Legal Compliance

In our legal compliance training course, we communicate policies and procedures that are integral to the success of any business. These policies and procedures are constructed to satisfy the current needs of your business and to provide satisfaction to all employees. Policies covered include, but are not limited to, Employment at Will, Equal Opportunity Employment, Harassment, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Participants will also learn specific company policies and how those policies apply to them.

Legal Compliance Training Course


• Understand the federal and state workplace legal compliance laws and policies
• Understand the legal compliance laws and policies of your corporation
• State your role in being compliant with laws and policies
• Identify who needs to be involved in law or policy compliance


• Awareness of federal and state compliance laws and policies
• Awareness of company policies
• Understanding of your role in being compliant


Harassment Video

Length of class

4 hours

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