Meeting Management Training Module

Facilitating Effective Meetings

The quality of a meeting is determined before it even starts. This course teaches participants how to facilitate an effective meeting. Participants will learn the four steps for successfully facilitating meetings, tips for keeping a meeting focused, techniques for handling difficult participants, tools for making decisions and solving problems, and techniques for increasing the effectiveness of conference calls.

Meeting Management Training


• Apply four steps to successfully facilitate meetings
• Create an effective purpose statement
• Identify intended outcomes to achieve the purpose
• Develop an agenda that is focused on achieving intended outcomes
• Understand the logistics of setting up a meeting
• Apply three tools that keep a meeting on track
• Resolve challenging attendee behaviors
• Utilize a method for reviewing a meeting that results in resolutions or action items


• An understanding of the power of a purpose and an agenda
• A structured four-step meeting model to follow when facilitating meetings
• Techniques for dealing with difficult meeting attendees


Meeting Skills assessment (in the participant guide)

Length of class

8 hours

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