Performance Management Training Course

Managing Performance

In this full day performance management training course, participants will learn what effective performance management looks like and why it’s necessary for setting their employees up for success. Using Droste’s SOAP model, participants will take a deep dive into the four steps in executing an impactful performance management process. Participants will learn how to set and align goals, observe behavior to get results, assess and evaluate performance, and provide feedback and establish next steps.Performance Management Training Course


• Define performance management
• Explain why managing performance is necessary for setting employees up for success
• Define the SOAP model
• Discuss the importance of setting and aligning performance goals and objectives
• Set clear expectations by writing goals and objectives using the SMART-R method and communicate them accordingly
• Align employee goals with company strategy
• Discuss observation and data gathering best practices, and document findings accurately
• Draw accurate conclusions using a four-step behavioral leadership model
• Evaluate performance accurately using corporate performance tools and standards
• Provide feedback and next steps


• Clearly defined performance management process for use immediately following the classroom
• Hands-on practice executing the performance management process through role plays and case studies

Length of class

8 hours

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