Training Module

The Leadership Challenge

Based on the bestselling and award-winning book The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, this workshop demystifies leadership development and approaches it as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors. It establishes a unique underlying philosophy that leadership is everyone’s business.

The Leadership Challenge


• Establish principles concerning the way people (constituents, peers, colleagues, and customers alike) should be treated
• Create a vision that inspires others
• Learn to search for opportunities by seizing the initiative and looking outward for innovative ways to improve
• Discover ways to collaborate by building trust and facilitating relationships
• Recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence


• Proven methods that lead to effective leadership behaviors
• An inspired vision to be shared with colleagues
• Best practices for collaboration and recognition


• Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) – Self and Observers
• LPI 360 (online version, includes self-assessment and unlimited Observer assessments)


Classroom-based: 2 days

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