Time Management Training

Time Mastery

Our time management training module teaches skills and strategies for efficiently managing time and organizing work. Strategies learned include planning, note-taking, prioritizing, scheduling, responding when the day doesn’t go as planned, organizing the desk, and handling paper documents and e-mail messages.

The Time Mastery Profile® completed during class will assess time mastery in twelve dimensions. Improving time management capabilities often requires a change in habits. Participants will identify the habits that need changing and develop an action plan based on the lessons learned in the session.
Time Management Training Module


• Define time management
• Assess your mastery level on 12 time management dimensions
• Plan using a three-step process
• Identify time wasters and what to do about them
• Prevent and control interruptions
• Organize your paperwork and e-mails


• More efficiently manage time
• More efficiently organize workflow
• Increased productivity
• Creation of an action plan for immediately increasing time mastery


Time Mastery Profile®

Length of class

8 hours

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