Pre-Hire Assessment


The purpose of pre-hire assessment is to collect accurate and complete job and candidate data to recommend the best person for a specific role. We leverage strong Industrial Psychology expertise, helping key decision makers clearly understand success criteria for a position. By understanding the candidate’s personality and unique skills, we will determine fit for the organization’s culture and role. Confirmed through an in-depth interview, we will provide a written, legally defensible assessment report and consultation to the hiring manager.


  • Improved quality of hire
  • Reduced turnover
  • On-boarding support
  • Faster organizational integration
  • Supports cultural alignment
  • Improved legal compliance in hiring decision
  • Improved candidate fit

Process Steps

  • Submit job and candidate information
  • Assessor reviews information about job, culture and situation
  • Candidate completes on-line assessment
  • In depth interview conducted
  • Assessor compiles and analyzes results
  • Fit recommendation provided verbally, followed by written report
  • Optional candidate and/or manager feedback session conducted


In our pre-hire assessment method, we believe successful long-term hires need to be assessed for fit not only with a specific role, but also align with the organization’s culture and the current situation.


pre-hire assessment

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