Succession Planning Consulting


Our succession planning consulting services are designed to create a clear and accountable plan to ensure internal successors are ready to assume key positions in the organization. This is typically accomplished by:
  • Projecting organizational change based on business strategy
  • Completing an analysis of current positions and incumbents
  • Identifying talents and interests of current workforce
  • Aligning employees with future positions
  • Executing a plan to develop individuals based on assessed need
  • Creating a comprehensive communication and change management plan to support the process


  • Tangible company practices for talent management
  • Identified successors for key positions
  • Retention of high potential employees
  • Reduced time to fill key positions
  • Increased productivity
  • Talent alignment amongst executives

Succession Planning Process Steps

Data Collection

  • Conduct initial planning meeting
  • Thoroughly understand existing positions and current performance levels
  • Identify and predict future leadership positions and identify which positions are critical
  • Define and agree upon success criteria and ensure alignment to business strategy
  • Thoroughly understand existing leadership strengths, develop needs and interests


  • Compare existing leaders with current and future role responsibilities (performance and potential matrix)
  • Identify leaders to potentially fill future positions and determine when they are expected to be ready


  • Create a communication plan
  • Create development plans to provide knowledge and experience
  • Create accountability and sustainability plan


  • Survey incumbents
  • Recommend process modifications
  • Create plan to maintain and update the process as needed

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