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Droste Group is a global leadership and organizational development company. We partner with best-in-class assessment providers to offer the most valuable assessments for the selection, engagement, and development. As a Diamond award-winning partner with Wiley, we provide our clients access to both purchase assessments and facilitation materials as well as become certified to use them.

We invite you to use this section of our site to search, view and purchase EPIC credits and a variety of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors products.  If you currently have an EPIC Sub Account with us, then your profiles/reports purchased will be distributed via EPIC Credit deposits to your existing sub-accounts. If you do not have a sub-account we will distribute your profiles/reports as access codes and send you the completed PDFs of the reports as they are completed.

If you have questions or need help registering or ordering, please contact us at or  877.550.5100 .  

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