At Droste we believe we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Therefore, we have strategically surrounded ourselves with many outstanding, motivating, intelligent, and experienced professionals who represent Droste through leadership coaching. Here we will introduce the members of our coaching team who are available for leadership coaching sessions and give you some insight about them.

Meet Lucy Botello

After over 20 years of professional experience in sales and marketing for large, multinational corporations like Frito Lay, Kodak, Motorola, and Xerox, Lucy’s enthusiasm and passion for human development and working with people triggered her decision to change careers and dedicate herself to leadership and development coaching.

Lucy uses her experience in leadership positions in global corporations to coach and support leaders to develop their key competencies, including communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, feedback, teamwork, empathy, and work-life balance. Lucy supports leaders and teams to improve self-awareness and performance, build trust, inspire others, and understand the interplay of gender, judgment, cultural differences, and leadership styles.

Lucy became an ICF-accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through New Ventures West in 2009. She chose New Ventures West’s ICF accreditation because of its philosophy of integral coaching, which involves using the different types of intelligence that everyone possesses: body, mind, heart, soul, and relationships. “We have to take care of all of those areas in order to be complete and be fulfilled,” says Lucy.

Since 2009, Lucy’s experience includes global companies in financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, nonprofit, telecommunications, high-tech, consumer goods, services, automotive, sales and distribution, personal care, and marketing.

Lucy’s passion centers on helping others to find their true selves and to find the “hows.” Lucy says, “Sometimes we know the what—I want to speak up clearly, I want to improve communication—but knowing ‘how’ I am going to do this is where we struggle most, and that’s where coaching is really helpful.”


If you’re interested in setting up a coaching experience with Lucy or any of our other amazing coaches, email us at Leadership coaching is one-on-one development focused on behavior change to improve overall performance and effectiveness. Leadership coaching is just one of many services we provide. To learn more, visit