The cost of a bad or mediocre hire is astronomical.

Healthy organizations know success begins with selecting and promoting the right people.

We can help you define and assess leader behaviors to hire, identify, and retain high-performing leaders.

We provide full service leader assessment programs that give you objective, reliable, and accurate information to assess how well a candidate fits specific jobs in your organization.

Hiring and Selection Assessment

Our expertise in psychological assessments for leaders, from CEOs to managers, will help you make hiring decisions with confidence every time. Through a combination of job analysis, candidate assessment and interviewing strategies, we provide you with insights of a candidate’s ‘fit’ for the job and organizational culture.

Assessment for Potential

Understanding the future potential of leaders is a critical part for long-term planning. It’s about moving beyond simple feedback to a more analytical process. Our virtual or in-person assessment centers are designed to put people in realistic, demanding scenarios. Run by trained experts. we use a variety of objective assessments and experiential exercises to objectively observe and measure high-potentials’ performance against important leadership competencies that are essential for leadership success within your organization.

360° Assessment

Leadership success is measured by the impact they have on the people around them. That’s why it’s critical to a leader’s success that they get 360 degree feedback. They need to understand the impact their actions have on their direct reports, peers stakeholders, and managers. Finding the right-fit 360 tool is important and what works for one organization may not for another. This is why Droste offers 360 options and will consult you on what is the best tool for you. Droste provides customized 360 tools based on your competencies or use one of a variety of validated, best-in-practice third-party tools. In addition to the feedback session, we also create group-based and individual development plans.