At Droste Group, we recognize that it is vitally important for you to select a coach you connect with to get the most out of your engagement. That is why we have strategically assembled a diverse team of leadership coaches. As part of a regular blog series that we call “Coaches Highlight,” we will introduce the members of our coaching team and give you some insight to help you connect with the coach who is just right for you.

Meet Luis Morato

A civil engineer by trade, Luis Morato has over 30 years of experience in senior leadership positions, primarily in construction leadership (planning and building) and sales. In all these positions, Luis learned the importance of meeting deadlines without exceeding fixed budgets and the importance of having committed teams helmed by dedicated leaders. After working many years in administrative and commercial positions, he realized that his personal and professional fulfillment came when working with people, and he began a career as an executive coach.

Luis leads his coaching sessions with an integral coaching approach. He believes in finding and addressing the root of a troubling issue to keep it from causing problems in the future. To do this, Luis starts by gathering information to better understand his client. He conducts peer and stakeholder interviews, performs a 360 evaluation when appropriate, and uses that information as a platform for his coachee’s development to develop an action plan for that coachee. He has learned that most coachees work well with an action plan because it gives them a visual to focus on through the coaching process.

As a firm believer in open communication, Luis likes to start each coaching session with an open dialogue about himself and his journey. By showing this type of vulnerability to his coachees, he encourages them to feel comfortable being vulnerable with him to get the most out of their coaching sessions. Luis also relies on his introspective tendencies, listening skills, and comfort with silence to allow his coachees time to think and the opportunity to fill the conversation with their own insights.

Luis truly believes that if you can change your mindset to believe in the process, you will experience the magic of coaching. The proof is in his clients. Even some of the most skeptical professionals have experienced lasting change from this shift in mindset.

Luis’s long-term experience working with international suppliers and clients in large and small corporations has given him a wide, multicultural vision for solving problems created by different leadership styles. Bilingual in Spanish and English, Luis has coached professionals at all parts of the corporate ladder across many industries, including manufacturing, insurance, shipping, health care technology, electronics, and real estate.

While he finds it a pleasure to work with C-suite executives, Luis believes everyone has something to share, and he enjoys the richness and openness that shop-floor employees bring to his coaching sessions. He is able to connect empathically with individuals from the shop floor to the C-suite, helping them to become aware of their potential and to achieve not just desired business objectives but extraordinary results.

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