At Droste, we believe the power in coaching comes from the unique expertise and real-world experiences that each coach brings to the process.  Therefore, we have intentionally selected a diverse and global team of experienced executives available to lead our clients through the coaching process.  Here we introduce you to members of our coaching team and give you some insight about them.

Meet Michael Samuelson

Michael’s dedication to personal and professional growth started early in his career. As a guidance counselor, Michael worked with adolescents to help them sort through their barriers to become the best they could be and to help them transition from the school system to adulthood.

Michael’s approach, not only to coaching but in everything he does, is meta-rational: the combination of lifelong study and gut feeling. Michael encourages coachees to allow their whole selves, not the parts, to guide their decisions. Michael believes professional growth is dependent on a strong personal foundation.

Michael coaches individuals to follow their authentic path through their passions. Michael likes to ask his coachees “why” until they get down to what “shakes their bones or lifts their spirits” to find their passion. If they are not feeling the passion, then they are likely exercising someone else’s plan for themselves and not their own.

Michael believes that life is full of many villages in which travelers stop, learn, and then get back on the road to teach what they have learned. Michael believes everyone has a responsibility to share what they have to offer, and this is why, even in his retirement, Michael continues to coach others.

Michael has authored six books and numerous articles on leadership and behavior change. His work has been featured on the ABC news magazine 20/20, CBS This Morning, the CNN and MSNBC networks, as well as numerous national print publications, including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Lancet, Employee Benefit News, Businessweek, and USA Today.

Michael has been a successful entrepreneur, a senior executive in the health insurance industry, a CEO, a university professor, and a U.S. health policy advisor. His writings, audio work, and behavior change programs have been distributed to millions throughout the world and have been publicly endorsed by scientists, politicians, advocacy organizations, business leaders, and media personalities, including George H.W. Bush, Betty Ford, C. Everett Koop, Ken Blanchard, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Larry King.

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