Coaching Skills for Coaches

Droste’s Coaching Skills for Coaches presents a comprehensive, integrated approach to preparing leaders for success as internal coaches in their organizations. By combining a six-part workshop series with self-assessments, individual coaching sessions, self-study and reflection, and coaching practice, this program provides critical knowledge, insights, and skills that align with the competencies set forth by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Learning topics in this six to twelve-month program include the Droste Coaching Model, mindset, presence, powerful questioning, mindfulness, personal style, emotional intelligence, ethics, trust, communication, conflict management, change management, goal setting, accountability, and commitment in the context of the coaching relationship.  


  • Enable the acquisition and application of a range of coaching skills, techniques, and concepts that reflect established industry standards and competencies
  • Improve self-knowledge as the foundation for skill building through assessments, personal coaching experiences, cohort relationships, and practice
  • Define a point of view and personal commitment to coaching by creating an integrated plan to sustain growth and development as a coach


  • Holistic approach enables and reinforces the development of critical coaching competencies
  • Skill-building supports learners’ ability to both model and coach critical leadership skills
  • Learners are prepared to test for ICF coaching certification upon completion

Supported Competency Focus Area(s)


In-person*: Six full-day workshops, 15 hours of individual coaching, with additional learning activities

*Can be modified for a virtual environment


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