Delegation and Accountability

The ability to delegate tasks and responsibilities to employees and hold them accountable for results is central to any leadership role. In both the in-person and virtual versions of this program, learners will examine practical, thoughtful approaches that promote effectiveness in both of these elements of managing performance. Self-assessments, individual reflection, group discussion, and scenario work are used to engage learners and build skills. 


  • Discuss the importance of delegation and accountability to the performance of a team
  • Explore five stages of delegation and the steps that support successful delegation
  • Explore the accountability/victim dynamic
  • Discuss accountability from the perspective of a leader and an employee
  • Review best practices that support success in delegation and creating a culture of accountability on a team
  • Create action plans to improve your skills and practices related to delegation and accountability


  • Emphasizes the benefits of effective delegation and the expectation of accountability for individuals and the organization

Supported Competency Focus Area(s)


In-person: Half day

Virtual: 4 hours (two 2-hour modules)


Self-assessments (in participant guide)

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