Trust-Based Leadership

Trust-Based Leadership is a comprehensive, one-day workshop designed for frontline and middle managers in leadership positions. This program was created by one of the most influential writers and researchers on trust, Charlie Green. Charlie has written three best-selling books about trust, including Trust-Based Selling and The Trusted Advisor.

His latest research applies trust to the manager/employee relationship. The course includes a detailed self-assessment used as a diagnostic tool for leaders to understand their natural styles and how they align with the key behaviors that build trust.


  • Define the difference between trusting and being trustworthy
  • Create an environment of trust-based leadership and demonstrate credibility, reliability, intimacy, and self-orientation
  • Analyze the Trust Quotient assessment to identify personal strengths and areas for trust development
  • Apply five skills that build trust: listening, risk-taking, partnership, improvising, and self-awareness
  • Implement a personal plan for building trustworthiness


  • An understanding of your own natural leadership style
  • Tools to build trust with those who work for you and with you

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In-person: Full day

Virtual: 4 hours (two 2-hour modules)


Trust Quotient assessment

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