Priority Setting: Getting Stuff Done

“I have a million things to do.” You probably don’t have a million things, but does it feel that way sometimes? In this course discover how to approach your to-do list of things that will make the biggest impact. Are there some things on your list that don’t belong, and should either be on someone else’s list or be removed entirely? This course will guide you through identifying those things that do belong on your list and determining what comes first. We will explore decision-making models and the situations that they are most appropriate. We will look at the importance of protecting your time and saying no.


  • Discover methods to prioritize your daily work
  • Explore models for solving problems
  • Analyze risks and gaps in projects
  • Explore ways to minimize distractions
  • Identify the differences between your priorities and other people’s priorities
  • Understand that multitasking is a myth


  • Systems for getting things done are personal. You will see new ideas that you may choose to build into your own system
  • Practical, personal, impactful tools for organizing your days, your projects, and

Supported Competency Focus Area(s)


In-person: Half day

Virtual: 4 hours (two 2-hour modules)

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