Accountability at Work

A key element of performance management involves holding employees accountable for results. Effective leaders expect accountability in all aspects of employee performance, from day-to-day actions and decisions to the achievement of long-term goals. In this course, learners will examine their current attitudes toward and approach to accountability, beginning with their ability to model it. They will also explore the dynamics of accountability and learn the behaviors and practices that set the foundation for a culture of accountability on a team or in an organization.


  • Discuss the importance of accountability to the success of the individual, team, and organization
  • Explore the accountability/victim dynamic and the effect of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect accountability
  • Discuss accountability from the perspective of a leader and an employee
  • Review best practices for creating a culture of accountability on a team
  • Create action plans to improve skills and practices for building accountability


⦁ Approach emphasizes learners’ role in modeling and demonstrating accountability, improving their personal performance
⦁ Applied learnings increase leader effectiveness in assessing and managing performance
⦁ Both individual and organizational performance are enhanced when accountability leads to the achievement of goals and objectives

Supported Competency Focus Area(s)


Self-assessment (in participant guide)



In-person: Half day

Virtual: 4 hours (two 2-hour modules)

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