Imagine this. Crowded cocktail party. A couple spots you from across the room. The gentleman (your client) whispers to his partner who then turns and nearly knocks over a waiter and his tray of bubbling champagne flutes as she determinedly rushes towards you.

“I want to thank you,” she says, grabbing your hand, pulling you close as if about to share an important secret.

“Jane’s work with Tom has made an incredible impact! Not only is he clear about what he wants to change with his sales team, but he has been so much more present at home. Jane has helped to make positive change for Tom both at work and home!”

Jane (who works for you) is Tom’s leadership coach. She has been working with Tom over the last six months.

Tom blushes.

You smile.

“Please pass on our thanks to Jane. She’s amazing. Your program is amazing.”*

Effective leadership coaching helps individuals to build healthy relationships. At the Droste Group, we believe the best coaching is a holistic approach helping leaders to have positive impact at work and beyond.

Our leadership coaching services are one-on-one development sessions focused on behavior change. We provide realistic scenarios to help leaders actively learn and practice new skills in a safe environment, building self-awareness along the way. Our interactive programs focus on the present reality while helping leaders move towards their brighter futures.

The scientific term for our approach to coaching is cognitive behavioral learning. However, what you really need to know is that we are committed to nourishing healthier, happier, and more successful leaders, partners, parents, and friends.

If you’d like to learn more about our leadership coaching services, let’s start a conversation about real results.

*This scene is not entirely imagined. It happened last week. We just changed the details to protect our client’s anonymity.