Customer Focus: Dazzle ALL Your Customers

Customer focus is a part of all our roles. To be customer-focused is to be dedicated to exceeding customer expectations for both your external and your internal customers. Through this course, you will seek to identify who your customers are and the opportunities to improve their customer experience. You will explore systems to identify improvements in products, services, and/or procedures. Through the Everything DiSC® assessment, you will discover the most impactful way of communicating to meet the needs of your different customers. This highly regarded tool will help build relationships based on trust and respect.


  • Explore the concept of customer focus and who your customers are
  • Identify what your customers need
  • Identify opportunities for output improvement
  • Discover how personality style may impact your relationship with your internal and external customers
  • Explore your customers’ personality style and how you may respond to them
  • Create strategies to meet the needs of your internal and external customers


  • Create a plan specific to your own customers that will improve your professional and personal relationships
  • Focus on the specific needs of your customers by learning what the needs are, evaluating output improvements and seeking feedback

Supported Competency Focus Area(s)


In-person: Half day

Virtual: 4 hours (two 2-hour modules)

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