Decision Quality

We make literally thousands of decisions each day, all of which have consequences of varying levels. How can we increase our odds of making the best possible decision given the resources available and sheer volume of decisions we make? Join us for this course to discover your personal decision-making style through the Decision Style Profile and improve your ability to produce higher quality decisions. Explore when to involve others in the decision-making process and learn the five critical decision-making factors.


  • Explore a framework for making decisions and solving problems
  • Understand the hidden influences that impact making quality decisions
  • Explore the five decision styles and when to use them
  • Define situations where decisions should be made or delegated>/li>
  • Identify decision pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Explore impact of your personal decision making style


  • Increased ability to identify and address core issues that drive problems and decisions
  • Enhance effectiveness and confidence in approach and execution of decisions
  • Heightened awareness of personal tendencies and styles in situations that require critical thinking

Supported Competency Focus Area(s)


Decision Style Profile Assessment


Virtual: 4 hours (two 2-hour modules)

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